For this edition, too, there will be a fundraising collection in OVS stores which, together with the proceeds from this capsule, will be devolved to give new life to artistic works or monuments that need safeguarding.

This year, OVS has chosen to support Norcia, one of the towns symbolising the earthquakes that have hit central Italy. Thanks to the collaboration of the Umbria Department for Cultural Landscape Heritage and the Opificio delle Pietre Dure (“Workshop of semi-precious stones”) in Florence – one of the most famous and prestigious Italian institutes of cultural heritage restoration research and training – OVS will contribute to the restoration of the painting “Madonna col Bambino in gloria, Santa Scolastica e altri Santi del XVII sec.” (“Madonna with child in glory, Santa Scolastica and other 17th century Saints”) in the Basilica of San Benedetto da Norcia, which was seriously damaged during the recent earthquake.

Added to this restoration will be the funding of Arts of Italy study grants to the Advanced Training School of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, to support restoration activities in a concrete way and to continue the excellent tradition Italy has established in this sector.

Architectural cabinet with the figure of Arion with harp on a dolphin; Milan, 16th century, walnut, ebony and embossed steel, damascened in gold and silver and burnished, gilded bronze, silk and metal thread. Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan.

Madonna and Child in glory, St Scolastica and other Saints Oil on canvas, Unknown Umbrian artist from the 17th century, from the Basilica of San Benedetto, Norcia.